Stepping into a therapists office for the first time can be anxiety provoking. In my attempt to alleviate some of that fear, this page offers some insight into what you can expect during our first session together as well as practical information about time,  cost and new client forms you can download to complete prior to your first appointment.

All sessions are 50 to 55 minutes long. Longer sessions are available at request, and at times at my recommendation. My goal in our initial session is to get a sense of what are the challenges that all participants are struggling with. Specifically, I will be asking questions that help me assess each participant's attachment style and the relational cycles that are strained, ineffective and problematic for individuals, families and couples. We will also discuss how often we should meet based on the level of crisis in your life and relationship and I will explain how I will assist you in steering your relationship to a better and more fulfilling place.

My fee is $175.00 per 50 minute session. Longer sessions are prorated at the same rate. Payment is due at the time of service. I do accept cash, checks and credit cards. I do not participate on any insurance panels for two reasons: confidentiality and permanent record. All insurance companies require some degree of your personal information to process a claim. Once clinical information is provided to your insurance company it becomes part of your permanent record, available to anyone with authorized access such as a current or future employer. By offering a fee for service practice, I am able to protect your privacy and base treatment on your individual needs, not the financial wishes of the insurance company. If you choose to seek insurance reimbursement, I am happy to provide you with a statement that you can submit directly to your insurance company. You will still be responsible for full payment to me at each session.

My hope is that my office provides a peaceful and soothing atmosphere that is conducive to feeling safe and open. My goal is for you to feel welcome, at ease and valued in a space supportive to the work that you come to do.